Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Cicatrices

Stains all over,
The recurring Stabs,
Impressions made by Them;
My Heart Bleeds,
The Wounds which were inflicted-
a long,long time ago,
Not losing its vigor.

The Tears that I once shed,
Have not dried-up,
The Stigmas have only gotten uglier;
The Cicatrices seem to turn into-
Wounds all over again.

My Soul yearns to flee away,
Emotions trapped within-craves for Tending,
A profound longing for Lovingness.
My Heart flutters in dismay,
Thoughts from the Past obscures it.

I shut my Eyes,
In the hope of  an alleviation from the Thoughts,
My Heart still languishing,
Chaos among my emotions occurring,
I could sense yet another Stab,
Right there-on the same Old Wound.
It  bleeds again,
Tears roll down my cheeks,
Just a mere indication of the Anguish i go through everyday.

The dejected state returns,
I try to wipe away those tears;
It appears not to cease.
Images from the Past-even the joyful ones,
seem to bring,
disappointment to my Soul.

A feeling of numbness haunts me,
Every now and then.
Will those Bruises heal completely?
The Ones which make,
my Emotions come to a standstill.
Will The Cicatrices go away?
I wonder.Desiring for a Day without Stains on it.

The Voice in the Dark-an articulation of my Passions,
Urging me to be Cheerful,
Beaming my Spirit with Belief,
Etching Heralds of Hope,
Convincing my Soul.
Then i could feel The Cicatrices wither away,

I do not know till how long,
the Calmness within me shall last,
And assuming the Cicatrices never existed,
I Smile and Strive Forward.


  1. Its like what PAIN would exactly look when put in words..very soulful.

  2. I loved the Eyes Shutting Stanza. Beautiful. ^.^

  3. @Sabari Thanks :)It might be painful but for some Poetry relieves pain :)

  4. Although pain and wounds are 2 sides of the same coin, the thin rim separating the two can often be interpreted to an everlasting scar in anyone's life.

    Truly a remarkable way of portraying a wounded soul and a believer that can encompass any pain.

    Sense for soul! :)

  5. Sheer Brilliance !!! Keep it up !!!

  6. Nicely said by @ujwala :)

    Really good expression of the emotions in words! nice vocab! :D

  7. its perfectly described. perfect words. it couldn have been better. good work :))

  8. Ouch! pretty painful Stark, just the genre i love.
    Good work.

  9. & this "I Smile and Strive Forward", completes the poem & obviously, quite impressive!

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