Sunday, April 24, 2011

His Lost Paramour

He was afraid of Love-of being Loved;
aware of His Vulnerability;
He could never truly,
Love a Woman again;
She had carved His Destruction,
Architect of His Lost Emotions.

He would sing for Her,
She would sit alongside,
Guffawing-Inducing immense Delectation
in His Heart;
And then He would kiss Her gently,
The Girl would wink at Him.

He was convinced,
She was His Soul mate-His Conscience had told Him,
They would Dance,
The Solitude in His Heart,
would be replaced by Her Images,
Of the Love He had towards Her.

His avidities;She perceived,
They would Dream up Their Future;
As They sat Cuddled together,
gazing at the Starlit Sky.
The Shackles that clouded His Soul,
tranquillized by Her Presence,
They would drink each a glass of the best Wine in Town.

He Adored Her with His Heart,
Not knowing,not realizing;
His Faith in Her;
would obliterate His Soul.

The Past had altered His Emotions,
He became a Vagrant,
Many women loved Him;
He tried,returning the Warmth shown,
Nevertheless,not One among Them;
had Him mesmerized,
the way She did.

His Spirits still conjured by the Tricks,
He waves at me everyday,
sitting by the window;
Raising His glass of Whiskey,
He would glance away,
still smoking His Cigar,
Engrossed in Thought.
He is young,
His Countenance unaffected;
Yet His Soul has lost its Charm.

I can see a Child within Him,
weeping for Lovingness;
The Sting still persists,
Only She could give Him the Affection,
the much needed Care.

He seems not to worried,
About the Long Road ahead;
Forbearing the Thorns on the Path,
He Hopes,His Bruised Soul still reckons,
She would return,
the Laughter,the Joy would come back,
He gazes at the Road,
wondering if She would be there,
His Patience guides Him,
As He waits,
for His Lost Paramour to pass by.