Friday, March 31, 2017


You held Her Hand,
Shielded Her from the Pain,
Spread Happiness around Her,
Brought a Smile,
to Her little lips.

Every Tear that rolled,
You wiped away,
Strengthened Her Soul,
With Tales of Courage and Endurance.
Night after Night,
You stayed awake,
Nourishing Her Spirits,
Battling the Demons.
Every Joy,Every Sorrow;
Companions for Life,
You and Her, thus became.

Days of mirth,
Dancing with Her;
Days of sorrow,
Consoling each other.

Pillar of Support,
In Humanity had She lost Her faith;
But never in You.

Dreams Fulfilled,
yet many to be Dreamed of;
With you by Her side She shall fight,
Every battle. Life.